Other Projects


Creative Commons web design system

Technology Used:SASSJavaScriptVueNodeJSBulmaWebpackDockerFigmaStorybook


Official docs, website, and handbook for PostHog

Technology Used:SCSSJavaScriptTypeScriptGatsby

Search GitHub Profiles

A GitHub profile page clone. You search for a GitHub profile using a GitHub account username.

Technology Used:JavaScriptGraphQL GitHub APINetlify

Todo List

A simple todo list app built with React.

Technology Used:JavaScript ReactNetlify

Restaurant Review

A progressive web app that allows users to search for a restaurant, display its location on a map and make reviews.

Technology Used:JavaScriptNodeJSProgressive EnhancementGulpMapbox APIRestdbFirebase

Currency Converter

A web app that that converts from one currency to another.

Technology Used:JavaScriptService WorkerIndexedDBFree Currency Converter APIFirebase